UK High Quality Replica Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8

When Swiss luxury fake Omega introduced the Dark Side of the Moon in 2013, I fell in love with it. And the weird thing is that this watch ticks a lot of boxes that I don’t want to be ticked. I am not particularly a fan of black replica watches online uk, 44.25mm is a little bit too big for my taste, and I want my Speedmaster to be manually wound.

Specs are not always to be trusted
But the 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon watch was a prime example of how specifications can be deceiving! The in-house chronograph movement is beautiful and a joy to observe through the sapphire case back. The black ceramic is actually very easy on the eyes, and it makes the 44.25mm copy watch appear smaller on the wrist. Not only that, the lug-to-lug of the AAA replica Omega Dark Side of the Moon is 49mm, and that’s very acceptable on my wrist.

Caliber 1869
Then, in 2018, Swiss made replica Omega introduced the Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 (I did an in-depth review here). After a number of variations on the Dark Side of the Moon (not all of which were equally successful), the perfect copy Omega Apollo 8 is a tribute to what the original Dark Side of the Moon referred to in 2013 — Apollo 8. It was NASA’s first mission in which humans witnessed the far side of the moon.

This Swiss movement fake Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 uses a hand-wound 1869 movement, which is based on caliber 1861. However, this time, it features beautiful decoration with a motif that looks like the surface of the Moon. Omega replica for sale UK has used laser ablation to achieve this unique effect. The skeletonized dial also ensures that you will see big parts of this heavily decorated movement.

Racing to the moon
But what makes it a racing chronograph? Well, although a tribute to Apollo 8, it does have a tachymeter. It also meets all the other requirements in order to join this competition. The high quality fake Omega UK features a leather “racing strap” (because it’s perforated), and high contrast on the dial for perfect readability. The minute track also has the curbstone pattern, just like the Omega Speedmaster Racing copy for men has. In total, we have four Speedmasters in the race here. But the Apollo 8 is definitely one of my favorite non-Moonwatch models.

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