George Clooney Shows Off His UK Luxury Replica Omega Speedmaster In ‘The American’

Going forward it’ll be a place to showcase themed, and curated content, neatly packaged for your weekend reading enjoyment. To kick things off, we featured the UK 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster. After writing that inaugural article, I couldn’t get the Speedy off my mind and was determined to find a film with enough perfect replica Omega Speedmaster content to flush it out of my system. The American didn’t do that. In fact, I want the watch more than ever.

He didn’t direct this film, but he basically captures his favorite country and favorite watch in one go. Clooney is famous for loving and living in Lake Como, as well as for being an Omega ambassador. He’s worn cheap Omega fake watches in films before, but never quite this flagrantly. In fact, the UK super clone Omega Speedmaster is so heavily featured, I have to think there was either a very specific product placement agreement or the prop stylist was a massive watch lover. Or both.

This movie is straight-up watch porn. There’s also a fair amount of full-frontal nudity, but the Swiss movement fake Omega stuff is next-level. There are very few scenes where Jack isn’t wearing it. The only time we don’t see it on his wrist is during his shirtless workout sessions. A leather strap on a top replica Omega and exercise are a bad combination so I don’t fault him there.

Brand ambassador or not, product placement or not, it’s really a treat to see a watch given so much attention in a movie – even if it makes the watch feel weirdly sexual. The high quality fake Omega isn’t just party to sexual situations, it is itself filmed sensually, an object of desire beyond the (very) nude extras.

So we know he wears an AAA fake Omega Speedmaster, but what kind? Well, it’s a Moonwatch. Now, last year, wholesale copy Omega upgraded the Moonwatch line by making tweaks to the dial and bracelet and powering it with a METAS certified movement: the caliber 3861. But that’s not the watch featured in The American (since, um, this is a 12-year-old movie). Jack’s Speedy looks to be the prior generation, the Omega caliber 1861, and he wears it on an Omega replica online black leather strap with a deployant clasp. I know all of this because the watch makes so damn many appearances.

The caliber 1861 Omega Speedmaster fake for sale UK is something of a modern relic. Released in 1996, it had an impressive production run of 26 years and is likely the Moonwatch you’ll find on most enthusiasts’ wrists today. The movement isn’t COSC or METAS certified … but the Swiss made copy watch is flight certified, as in space certified, as in the Moon. Clooney is a noted Space Race nut and even appeared in a short film with Omega replica Paypal called Starmen, alongside famed astronaut and Moon-venturing Speedy-wearer, Buzz Aldrin.

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