Most Iconic Military Best UK Replica Watches In History

Ahh, the rarefied world of military Swiss made replica watches. Often developed under contract, these were timepieces designed to handle particularly adverse physical conditions. And we do mean were; today’s special operator is far more likely to wear mil-spec Rolex Submariner.

Old-school military UK AAA fake watches are a seemingly endless source of fascination to civilian watch collectors, despite their subtlety (or perhaps because of it). There are very few extraneous design elements to a military wristwatch. What’s present is only what was absolutely necessary to get the job done.

What follows is a selection of some of the world’s most famous military replica watches for sale. The list is by no means definitive, but we’ve tried our best to include examples from as many different militaries and countries as possible. Most of the models are no longer in production, but you can still find them on the preowned market, often for pennies on the dollar.

Omega Seamaster 300 Replica Watches

Though developed in 1957, it wasn’t until 1967 that the British MoD began using the cheap fake Omega Semaster 300M watches, which replaced for a time the Rolex Submariner as its primary dive watch. With a depth rating of 300 meters, twisted lugs, a caliber 552 self-winding movement, fixed spring bars and a bezel with hash marks for every minute, the 300M is an iconic military diver on par with the Milsub.

When one with genuine military markings comes up for sale that was used by a member of the elite Special Boat Squadron, the watch is almost guaranteed to fetch five figures. Luxury Omega copy watches makes a modern version.

Fake Rolex MilSub Watches

Though numerous Swiss movements Rolex Submariner replica watches (beginning with the first Sub reference in 1954) were supplied to the British Ministry of Defense for testing and issue, it’s the modified civilian reference 5513, the “double-reference” transitional 5513/5517, and the dedicated military reference 5517 that are perhaps collectively the best-known military wholesale super clone watches model in the world.

These special “MilSubs” fake watches for men were fitted with a circled “T” on the dial to indicate the presence of tritium lume; fully marked dive bezels for accurate timing underwater; sword hands; and fixed spring bars. Only 1,200 were made, so expect to pay six figures for an original. However, some companies, such as Steinhart, make handsome tributes.

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