UK High Quality Omega Seamaster Replica Watches For Men

Fake Omega Seamaster Ploprof

The famously shocking UK 1:1 fake Omega Seamaster Ploprof is an absolute beast. It’s named for the abbreviated French term for “professional diver” and originates in 1970 from the time that watch brands were competing for deep-diving hardcore dive replica watches online.

Originally water resistant to 600m, the modern perfect replica Omega Ploprof remake doubles that to 1,200m. What is up with that design? First, the crown (situated on the left, you’ll notice) is protected from knocks by a spring-loaded crown guard. And that crazy vertical button? You need to push it in order to turn the bezel (in either direction) — an operation requiring two hands.
Movement: Omega 8912 automatic
Diameter: 55mm (x 48mm tall)
Water Resistance: 1,200m
Replica Omega Seamaster Bullhead Chronograph

Somewhat like the high quality replica Omega Ploprof above, this is an example of utter ’60s-’70s quirkiness. But it’s one that’s garnered a cult-like following and got its nickname (applied to all chronographs of this type), obviously, from its two chronograph pushers situated at 12 o’clock like horns. It goes to show that the luxury fake Omega Seamaster can even include a racing chronograph (otherwise mostly the territory of the Speedmaster collection).

Movement: Omega 3113 automatic
Diameter: 43mm
Water Resistance: 150m

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