Most Famous UK Rolex Daytona Replica Watches With Retro Style

Ref. 6241
Beginning in roughly 1965 or 1966, Swiss replica Rolex UK began production of another pump pusher-equipped reference, the 6241. Measuring 37.5 mm in steel or gold and featuring an acrylic bezel, it was powered by the hand-wound Valjoux 727 and was available with either a standard or “Newman” dial in black or white. Roughly 3,000 fake watches for sale were produced during its production run, which lasted until around 1969.

Ref. 6263
Once again, in 1963 luxury replica Rolex chose screw-down pushers for its new Daytona reference, the 6263. This is a nuanced model, full of small variants: Housed in a 37.5 mm case and powered by the Valjoux cal. 727—certain examples were chronometer-certified, which began in the 1970s—it came in either a steel or gold case (only 2,000 or so high quality copy watches were made in gold) in either a standard or “Newman” dial.

(The “Newman” dials, however, lacked the red “Cosmograph” text of other “Newmans.”) “Daytona” text appeared either under “Cosmograph,” above the 6 o’clock subdial, or not at all on the standard dial variants. Each copy watch was also equipped with an acrylic bezel. Interestingly, this reference was in production until 1987, a year before perfect fake Rolex UK began outfitting the Daytona with automatic Zenith-made movements.

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