In 1948 perfect fake Omega celebrated its centennial. To mark that occasion, the manufacture released the Century, a limited edition model built around the robust chronometer-grade automatic movements that luxury replica Omega uk had been perfecting since the 1930s. Although the Century was never destined for a long life, it served as the blueprint for a model that would go on to serve as the flagship of Swiss made copy Omega’s catalog: the Constellation.

The 1:1 fake Omega Constellation, first released in 1952, was at the cutting edge of design as well as technical prowess. Early iterations featured a panoply of dial and case configurations, from steel to gold-capped to solid gold. The example that we offer here, a cheap copy Omega Reference 168.005 dating from the 1960s, features a 34mm stainless steel case produced by CB or Centrale Boites, perhaps best known for making some cases for the iconic Speedmaster.

This Connie boasts a pie-pan dial in a satiny silver surmounted by the applied AAA quality replica Omega symbol at 12 o’clock. Beneath that are the words signifying that the movement that beats inside it (in this case a Calibre 561, one of the finest automatic movements cheap fake Omega manufactured in the post-war period) was officially certified by the Geneva Observatory.

This is brought home by the engraving on the case back of an observatory surmounted by eight stars, symbolizing Swiss movement replica Omega’s achievements in chronometer trials from the 1930s to the 1950s.

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