James Bond would approve of UK Swiss fake Omega’s new game-changing Speedmaster watch

You know Omega. The Swiss whizzes made the watch that went to the Moon, the Speedmaster, and – via Q Branch – put watches on James Bond’s wrist, too. AAA super clone Omega UK pieces are the go-to for stars like George Clooney, Eddie Redmayne, Jamie Dornan and Andrew Garfield – yet you and I can also wear one. And you may remember the story of how it teamed up with Swatch to break the internet earlier this year, as well.

Swiss made fake Omega is all that, but it’s also one of the most adventurous and gifted high-end watchmakers in all watchland. And to prove so, in Los Angeles’ Walt Disney Concert Hall, it brought an audio fantasy to life with the world’s first-ever chronograph movement that chimes the elapsed time, Calibre 1932.

The first what, you say? A chiming super clone watch, such as a minute repeater, chimes the time via a series of gongs embedded inside its case. Usually, that’s the hour or the time to the nearest minute.

But never before has that function been allied to the elapsed time of a chronograph, and in this case, a split seconds chronograph (that can time two events that start at the same time but finish separately). The perfect replica Omega is the first, and it’s put its new movement in two sister watches, the Speedmaster Chrono Chime and the Olympic 1932 Chrono Chime. The movement’s name comes from the Los Angeles Olympics of 1932, where cheap super clone Omega was first the Games’ Olympic timekeeper (and still remains so to this day).

How does a chiming chronograph work?
We can just picture Q trying to explain the mechanics of these high quality replica watches to James Bond – whoever he’ll be next. Here’s our attempt: To work this novel function, you run the chronograph (which is accurate to 1/10th of a second), stop it, and then activate the chiming mechanism via a button on the case; at which point you get one low ding for the minutes, a low and a high ding for the tens of seconds, and then the high ding on its own for the single seconds.

Both luxury copy watches uk can do this for elapsed times of up to 15 minutes, so at 14 minutes and 59 seconds, they chime 33 times in a sing-song sequence that lasts almost 20 seconds.

Necessary? No. But as Swiss movement replica Omega’s president Raynald Aeschlimann says, “we did it not because it was easy, but because it was hard,” paying due credit to John F Kennedy and his famous 1962 speech explaining why America was going to the Moon.

Fitting. Because at its purest, luxury watchmaking is about shooting for the Moon. About pushing boundaries and doing the impossible. In that way, some watchmakers produce works of mechanical beauty. Art to some.

Six years in the making and very complicated
For high quality replica Omega, getting there was no cakewalk. Six years it took to develop Calibre 1932. It has 575 components and 17 patents, is anti-magnetic to 15,000 gauss and is partially cast in Swiss made copy Omega’s ultra-brilliant 18-carat Sedna Gold.

What’s more, Omega replica for sale UK has only one watchmaker capable of building one, and the process takes them at least two months. Which is why for now, Omega is saying it’ll probably only muster five Calibre 1932 watches a year. In total.

Looking at the two fake watches for sale, it’s clear which is most wearable. It may not be an every day carry, but the Speedmaster iteration comes closest to a ‘normal’ watch. But even then, at 45mm across, 17.3mm thick and weighing in at a colossal 326g, you’d need Dwayne Johnson’s forearms to wear it all day. It’s based on the Omega Speedmaster fake online known as the CK2998, which 60 years ago became the first Omega worn in space on the wrist of NASA’s Wally Schirra.

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